Do Museums Worldwide form a true Community on Twitter? Downloads

18 June, 2014
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High resolution images of the graphs contained in our Social network Analysis' study Do museums Worldwide form a true community on Twitter? And some additional material not contained in the report.

As the images are quite large, it is better to download them and open the graphs with your image viewer software. Opening them in the browser can lead to some issues due to lack of browser cache memory, particularly when opening several images in different tabs.

You can also download all the images in this ZIP file (279 MB) and open it with your Photo Editor software.


Page 7: The whole graph with country communities: Download

Page 10: Interactions within European museums rendered over Google Earth: Download

Page 11: Europe - America connections on Google Earth: Download

Page 11: Connections within America: Download

Page 24: Visualization of US museums in the whole worldwide graph: Download

Page 26: US museums isolated: Download

Page 27: The UK community: Download


Museum environments:

Louvre: Download

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Download

Museo del Prado: Download

Museo Reina Sofia: Download

Palazzo Madama: Download

Queens Museum: Download

Rijksmuseum: Download

Smithsonian Institution: Download

Tate Galery: Download

Victoria and Albert: Download



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